Principal Investigator: Prof. Julie Silvestri

Disease: Bilateral Severe Macular Disease i.e. dry AMD or stable wet AMD or inherited retinal disease.

Summary: This study is testing a new implantable intraocular magnifying lens the Scharioth Macular Lens (SML). The study will assess whether the magnifying device, which produce between x2-3 magnification, is helpful in improving the near vision of patients with severe macular disease.

Main Inclusion Criteria:

  • Adults 18+ years
  • Stable advanced macular disease
  • VA between 6/24 to 6/60 (Both eyes)
  • Inter-eye difference not exceeding 0.3 log units (15 letters)
  • Experience with external low vision aids
  • Patient needs to be pseudophakic in either one or both eyes.

Main Exclusion Criteria:

  • History of glaucoma or being on anti-glaucomatous medication
  • History of cataract surgery with a multifocal intraocular lens
  • VA outside the 6/24 to 6/60 range in either eye
  • Inter-eye difference exceeding 0.3 log units (15 letters)
  • Lack of a clear view of the retina

If any patients are interested in finding out more about the study, they can contact the Research Team on 028 96152793 or email