Enventure Research, an independent research agency, has been appointed by the General Optical Council (GOC) to deliver a series of focus groups as part of its consultation on the education and training requirements for approved qualifications.

More information about this consultation can be found at https://consultation.optical.org/esr/education-and-training-requirements-for-goc-approv/

Enventure Research are currently looking for optometrists and dispensing opticians working in Northern Ireland who have been on the GOC register for 5+ years to take part in a focus group in order to provide feedback on the consultation in greater depth.

The groups will be conducted via Zoom video conference, lasting for around 75 minutes. The groups will be taking place at 6.15pm on Monday 21st September (optometrists) and Tuesday 22nd September (dispensing opticians). If you are invited to join a group, you will be getting together with around five or six other registrants to engage in a group discussion about the consultation using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

As a thank you for your time, those who take part in an online discussion group will be sent a £25 Amazon voucher.

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the recruitment form using the following link to pass your contact details on to Enventure Research, so they can invite you to a group.


This information will be sent directly to Enventure Research, who will only use it to contact you about taking part in an online discussion group. Your details will not be passed on to anyone else, including the GOC, and will be confidentially deleted after the consultation is completed. For more information about your data rights and who to contact you can read Enventure Research’s privacy policy.

Kayleigh Pickles

Enventure Research

T: 01484 404797