12th May 2020
NI PEARS accreditation by Peter Frampton
1. How would you treat inflammatory conjunctivitis?
A: let it self resolve- no intervention required.
B: prescribe FML eye drops
C: either A or B 
2. When triaging acute eye problems remotely, you should request a photo of
A: A close up of the problem eye
B: ask for a photo of both eyes to compare normal appearance
C: ask for both eyes and a closeup of the problem eye 
3. During COVID 19 lockdown, you suspect a patient of suffering from Dacryocystitis and requires treatment with Coamoxiclav bid tor 5 days.
According to the college clinical management guidelines, do you ….
A: refer directly to hospital to prescribe & treat.
B: refer to an IP colleague to prescribe & treat. 
C: treat yourself within primary care.