1. In relation to orthoptic exercises, which of the following is incorrect?

A. Research has shown better results with patients who are heavily encouraged.

B. Convergence insufficiency patients generally respond well to treatment, whereas accommodative insufficiency rarely do.

C. Patients should be encouraged to carry out exercises little and often.

D. The longer you do convergence exercises, the better the results.


2. By how much does Sheridan Gardiner singles overestimate VA?

A. 1 Logmar line (0.100)

B. 2 Logmar lines (0.200)

C. 3 Logmar lines (0.300)

D. 4 Logmar lines (0.400)


3. Which of the following is incorrect?

A. Allow 18 weeks adaptation period in full time glasses wear before considering occlusion therapy.

B. Weaning off occlusion reduces risk of amblyopia reoccurrence.

C. 10 years is the age limit for occlusion therapy.

D. Atropine 1% twice weekly is offered as first line treatment.