NIOS is interested in obtaining your view on NIOS CET provision to help us plan for future events.  NIOS, with our ONI colleagues, would also ask for your input regarding new local enhanced schemes provision.

In recent years NIOS has increased yearly CET provision from five to ten CET events per year, making available 30 CET points annually.  We have increased our points provided 2 3/4 fold and seen delegates numbers increase 3 fold.  Our statistics show that we now have a much wider audience, with new and different faces at each of our events (63% delegates attend up to two events in the year).

Our events are fully interactive, and vary from morning and evening lectures, peer review sessions, workshops and conference.  We have plans for half day events as alternatives to evening lectures, smaller regional peer review sessions to encourage interaction at a local level and training events for reception staff.

We invite you to participate in our short survey.  Please click on the link below and a new page should open in your browser.  If this does not occur, please copy and paste the link into a new window.  Simply select your applicable response(s) and click “Done” at the bottom of the page when you are finished.  Please note this is an anonymous survey.

Link is

Thank you for your participation.


Faith Mills MCOptom Prof Cert Glauc

NIOS President