Sent on behalf of Debbie and Peter Adair & Paul and Sarah Wright – See Belfast Ltd

Dear Colleagues

New Belfast based Optical Charity – volunteering opportunity and/or equipment request **UPDATE**

Homelessness is a major problem in Northern Ireland – we have the highest rate of homelessness in the UK and the recession has and is still pushing many people below the breadline.  Many homeless people cannot access optical services for various reasons, which can lead to visual impairment due to breakage of glasses and undetected ocular disease.  We as optometrists can meet this need and be a part of promoting visual health among this vulnerable group.

Almost two years ago we began setting up an optical charity for the homeless in Belfast and advertised this through the NIOS.  We were hugely encouraged by the level of support our profession had for the idea, with many generous offers of equipment, frames and volunteering.  We have taken receipt of some pieces of equipment, and we are now in a position to take up offers of frame donations and volunteering.  And of course we welcome any new support!

We have now set up a clinic in University Street in Belfast within a drop-in centre for the homeless, and we are currently preparing to register for GOS.  To this end, our current needs would be:

  • Prisms to supplement the trial case we have, or ideally a more modern trial lens set as ours is very old
  • A Maddox Rod
  • A Maddox wing or near Mallett unit
  • An RAF rule
  • A facial rule
  • Document wallets for patient records
  • Leaflet holders
  • A freestanding mirror
  • A filing cabinet for index cards (i.e. with smaller drawers than standard filing cabinets).

If you have any of these items we would be very grateful to receive them.

The clinic is likely to happen once a week.  There will be a need for one optometrist per clinic and two assistants (optometrists can do this role too, although the role does not require optical knowledge).

Any level of support would be greatly appreciated.

If you or your optical/reception staff would like to know more, please register your interest by emailing us at  We will be glad to answer any questions.  If you have previously contacted us, we have your details and we will be in touch soon.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Debbie and Peter Adair

& Paul and Sarah Wright

See Belfast Ltd

Registered company NI632293

GOC number CO-5193