Are you interested in eye health?  Researchers from Queen’s are currently looking for participants willing to take part in a study investigating visual function and ageing, entitled The ‘Northern Ireland Sensory Ageing Study’ (NiSA).  The purpose of our study is to understand how our ability to see changes with normal ageing.

Participation would require attendance at the Clinical Research Facility at Belfast City Hospital for a single 3 hour visit at a time that suits you.  At your visit you will be asked to complete a series of vision tests, a questionnaire, retinal imaging following pupil dilation and provide a blood sample.  The estimated visit time includes time for a break and refreshments.  You will receive £20 as reimbursement to show our appreciation for you giving up your time.

The study is currently looking for healthy volunteers aged between 30-50, with no history of diabetes or ocular pathology.  If you think you might be suitable and would be interested in taking part, please contact Katie Graham at or phone 07929 604087.