Dispensing CET Event


Question 1:

The term ‘Critical Period’ relates to the development of the visual pathway. The ‘cut off’ age of this critical period is thought to be:

a)     10 years of age

b)     8 years of age

c)     4 years of age

Highlight text to read answer: Ans: (b)

Question 2:

When examining and dispensing children we need to be aware of the attention span and recognise their limits. A 9-12 yr old has the attention span of approximately 30-45mins. Approximately how long would the attention span of a 2-3 yr old be?

a)     3-4 mins

b)     5-10 mins

c)     15-20 mins

Highlight text to read answer: Ans: (a)


Question 3:

Trivex is a new lens that is virtually unbreakable and is advised in dispensing children’s glasses. This lens is also UV protected. TRUE or FALSE?

Highlight text to read answer:  Ans: TRUE