A team at the University of Liverpool is developing a novel ultra sensitive OCT instrument capable of producing high quality images of the cornea (as well as the retina). This instrument must meet the needs of routine eye care practitioners in primary and secondary care and to ensure this the team would like to gain the opinion of a selected group of ophthalmologists and optometrists (about 30 of each). Participants will be sent a questionnaire in advance of a telephone call (of about 30 minute’s duration) from Dr Peter Foster who will ask for their thoughts on each of the questions. If you are willing to take part he would be grateful to receive your name, your role in eye care and your contact details including telephone number and e-mail address as soon as possible. He has been given a tight deadline of early April to finish this task so that the team can meet one of the key milestones required for its grant funding. We hope that you can contribute to this major advance in imaging. In recognition of this help the University will make a small gift of £50 to each participant.

Contact Details: peter_foster70@hotmail.com