1)  What % of 18-29 year olds spend 9 hours or more a day on digital devices?
A-  20-29
B – 30-39
C – 40-49
D – 50+  

2)  Which is not an underlying cause of digital eye fatigue?
A – Decreased accommodative burden due to sustained up-close focus  
B – Muscular over-action (squinting)
C – Reduction of blink rate and blink completeness
D – Demand for accommodation when using multiple digital devices

3)  What advice are eye care professionals providing to address digital
eye fatigue?
A – Take regular short breaks from digital screen (20/20/20)  
B – Blink less frequently
C – Decrease distance from workstation
D – Decrease size of digital text

4)  Digital eye fatigue is not characterised by:
A – Tiredness
B – Dryness
C – Redness
D – Watery eye  


Answers – D,A,A & D

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