Answers –

Caroline Christie

  1. What percentage of diagnosed Dry EYE is Aqueous vs Evaporative or a combination of both?

1. 15% Aqueous only, 50% Evaportive only , 35% Aqueous & Evaporative

  1. If Dry Eye is Aqueous Only choose which of the statements below are True.

1. Lid Margin is healthy and MGs are normal

4. Foamy frothy tears may be seen

  1. Which of the following conditions would require further referral to ophthalmology?

5. All of the Above

Scott Brown

  1. What is the typical axis of astigmatism for Keratoconics?

2. 60 and 120 degrees

  1. What percentage of normal patients have asymmetrical corneal topography, such as ‘dog leg’ skewed radial astigmatism or Bow Tie astigmatism?

3. 33%

  1. Which lens has the best surface lubriscosity when dry and when wet? Explaining why the lens with highest measure when dry may be a good choice for patients with Dry Eye?

1. Total 1 highest when wet, RGP highest when dry.

Trusit Dave

  1. Which is the only Soft MF lens design on the market which is NOT an ASPHERIC design, and therefore really acts like a modified monovision lens?

1. Proclear MF monthly

  1. Which factors affects the visual success of a soft MF CL fitting?

5. All of the Above

  1. How can you best measure MF lens centration on yor patient?

3. Topography