Optometry Northern Ireland would like to draw NIOS members’ attention to the following letter regarding the General Optical Council’s document – Raising Concerns Policy.
Raising Concerns Policy
Last month we issued new policy for registrants on raising concerns about risks to patient safety. Given the importance of the issue to the professions, I wanted to let you know about this personally. I would also be grateful if you could help us to raise awareness of this through your usual channels to your members.
You can find the policy on our website at  https://www.optical.org/en/Investigating_complaints/raising-concerns.cfm
The policy provides guidance for registrants and others in the optical sector on raising concerns about risks to patient safety, including where to go for advice and what protection is offered.
It sets out the steps that registrants or others working in the sector should take if they believe that patient safety or care is being compromised by colleagues or the organisations in which they work or study.
The policy is clear that the first step should usually be to raise the concern at a local level, such as with their employer. However if this is not a viable option, if raising the concern locally fails to bring a resolution, or the problem raises an imminent risk of serious harm, then it may be appropriate to bring it to the GOC to investigate.
The policy will help registrants to comply with the new GOC Standards, which place a duty on registrants to protect and safeguard patients, colleagues and others from harm.
We would appreciate any help you can offer in raising awareness among your members, and to support them in applying the policy.
Yours sincerely
Samantha Peters
Chief Executive and Registrar