MCQs – NIOS Conference 2015: Lecture 1 – Professionalism -v- Commercialism

MCQs:  Lecture 1 – Professionalism -v- Commercialism

Question 1:  What would be regarded as an acceptable percentage of remakes?

(a)  10-20%

(b)  1-2%

(c)  30-40%

(d)  over 40%

Question 2:  What is the average hourly use of a digital device per day?

(a)  2 hrs

(b)  20 hrs

(c)  5 hrs

(d)  9 hrs

Question 3:  What would not help you to achieve profit?

(a)  good reputation

(b)  patient satisfaction

(c)  growth of business

(d)  lack of recruitment/investing in people



Q1:  (b)  1-2%

Q2:  (d)  9 hrs

Q3:  (d)  lack of recruitment/investing in people